We currently do not provide in-house financing, however we work with you every step of the way as you secure financing for your used car purchase. We make sure you have all the paperwork you need to bring with you to secure a loan and work hand in hand with the bank or credit union of your choice to help facilitate an easy loan process.

In addition to working with the bank or credit union of your choice, we have solid relationships with our local credit unions to help you speed up the process. For your convenience we have provided links to those we use most often.

Franklin First Federal Credit Union ~
Greenfield, MA 413-774-6700

Freedom Credit Union~
Greenfield, MA 413-774-4182

UmassFive College Federal Credit Union~
Amherst/Hadley/Northampton 413-256-5500

If you don’t need a loan to finance your used car purchase, we are happy to complete your purchase with either cash, or a bank check.